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What are the main functions and features of KOSUN LS screw conveyor?

Aug 26, 2019

Screw conveyor is a kind of continuous conveying equipment by using screw rotation to push materials, which is suitable for transporting flour, grain, cement, chemical fertilizer, ash and slag, sand, pebble, coal dust, small-sized coal, etc. Due to its small effective flow area inside, screw conveyor is not suitable to convey perishable, strongly cohesive and easily-lumped materials.
Screw conveyor can be horizontal or inclined (the tilt angle less than 20o for GX type and 15o for LS type). If the deflecting conveying is required, it will be specially customized. Its ambient temperature range is generally within -45oC~+40oC. Its ambient temperature range is generally within -45oC~+40oC, and its storage temperature is generally within -60oC~+50oC. LS screw conveyor is suitable for horizontal or slightly inclined layout, and it is best not to exceed 20o for the tilt angle. If having special requirements, a special design and manufacturing can be customized according to the site.

U-shaped screw conveyor has a wide scope of application, which is suitable for various industries, such as building materials, chemical industry, power industry, metallurgy, coal, foodstuff industry and is used to convey powdery, granular, and small-lump materials, such as coal, ash, slag, grain, cement, and so on. It is suitably fixed for the horizontal or at a small tilt angle.

U-shaped screw conveyor is not suitable to convey perishable, strongly cohesive and easily-lumped materials because these materials will be easily stuck onto the screw during conveying. Furthermore these adhesive materials will be rotated simultaneously with the screw or are jammed at the suspension bearing, which makes the screw conveyor not to work normally. Screw diameters have five specifications from 200mm to 500mm, with length from 2m to 70m. The model selection follows the standard nominal length, and special demands can be put forward separately.

U-shaped screw conveyor has the following main features: (1) small volume and high speed guarantee rapid and uniform conveying; (2) with good rigidity and airtightness, ends are connected to the machine with flanges; (3) the discharge end is equipped with a cleaning device, the whole machine has a low noise and a strong adaptability, and the positions of feed and discharge ports can be flexibly arranged; (4) it has a large conveying weight, being safe and reliable; (5) well-adapted, convenient in installation and repair, and long in service life.