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The Oil Exhibition in Indonesia

Oct 19, 2009

During Oct. 14-17th, 2009, the 4-person sales team led by Mr. Geng Feng, GM of KOSUN came to Jakarta, Indonesia to attend the Oil Exhibition.

Indonesia is the largest oil & natural gas producer and the only OPEC member in Southeast Asia, with proven oil reserves of 4.7 billion barrels. As the prices of oil & gas prices continue rising, Indonesia needs to develop their production technology to keep pace with market needs. Recently, along with the new policy carried out by the government of Indonesia, many emerging opportunities were brought to oil industry. Many new fields will also be explored, in addition, the considerable oil reserves in East Indonesia attract lots of attention. The geological condition of these oilfields are complex, consisting of prehistoric tertiary strata. The successful exploration requires abundant time, labour, material, and advanced technology. Investment on cutting-edge technology today will ensure the future development of Indonesian oil industry.

The Oil Exhibition in Indonesia

Based on international marketing, KOSUN displayed products including shale shaker, mud clearner, desander, desilter and centrifuge. Apart from these equipment, customers also showed interest in other equipment such as the sand pump, mud tank, etc. The CP Series Centrifugal Pump is designed and developed for petroleum drilling and solids control equipment. It adopts the axial structure, and all the hydraulic components are friction proof cast iron, suitable for delivering the corrosive liquids with suspended particle content in well drilling and other similar liquids. When designing the charging pump, its specifications were fully considered so that the solids control equipment will be working under the best operating mode. It is endowed with the high communality of parts, operation reliability, durability, convenient maintenance, etc.