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The OE Oil Exhibition in Aberdeen UK

Sep 14, 2009

From Sept 8th to 11th, 2009, the 3-person sales team of KOSUN attended OE Oil Exhibition in Aberdeen, UK. The team was led by Mr. Geng Feng, the GM of KOSUN.

The OE Oil Exhibition is treated as the most important event in petroleum industry outside North America. The scientific meeting was held by U.S. Oil Industry Technology Association, which sponsored OTC, the world's largest exhibition in natural gas industry. To share the updated technology and its implementation, the authorities and experts in petroleum and natural gas industry all gathered in this exhibition. The exhibitors were free to attend the conference. Since 1973, British OE Oil Exhibition had been held every two years and it has made a huge impact. The exhibition in 2009 attracted 1,421 exhibitors and 48,565 viewers from 94 countries.

The OE Oil Exhibition in Aberdeen UK

The OE Oil Exhibition presented the most advanced technology of petroleum machinery. As the traditional oil-producing area, the North Sea of United Kingdom developed fast in drilling exploration. Technology and equipment used in North Sea is even ahead of that of the United States and other European countries. Our purpose of attending this exhibition was to learn and observe the state-of-the-art technology in oil equipment. Through it, we gained insight of future trends of oil industry, and realized how to develop our business at the international stage. At the same time, KOSUN made the self-promotion and raised our reputation on this event. Meanwhile, we made lots of partners and friends in the industry, built the foundation of future cooperation. On the exhibition, the latest SC-3 Type Shale Shaker was displayed.

SC-3 Straight Line Shaker of KOSUN, made by latest material and technology, is the first grade soilds control equipment, with features of high efficiency, easy maintenance, and simple operation. The imported super-force vibration motor was used on shaker, as well as the snap-on screen. These designs increased the capacity, improved the dry degree of drilling cuttings, and reduced the total cost of equipment & drilling fluids circulation.

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