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KOSUN 5000 type oil sludge treatment system is in urgent production

Aug 05, 2020

Recently, KOSUN received an order for 2 sets of large oil sludge treatment system, which is now in urgent production. The 5000 type oil sludge treatment system is mainly divided into the following modules: separation and fluidization module, water washing separation module, dosing system module, solid-liquid separation module, etc. The main equipment is shale shaker, agitator, sewage pump, scraper, various tanks and pumps, etc.
oil sludge treatment system
Oil sludge refers to the solid waste containing oil produced in the process of drilling, mining, transportation, refining and oil sewage treatment in oil fields. Oil field sludge oil in a large number of stench, and source of bacteria, parasites, copper, zinc, chromium, and harmful chemical tests, such as gong, if not timely solve processing, adopt the most primitive way - direct emissions, it not only takes up a large number of cultivated land, and to the surrounding soil of crop cultivation, water, air, and the ecological environment will have serious damage and corrosion.
Long-term storage and release of oil sludge in oil fields will cause great harm. At present, oil sludge waste pollution is common in all oil fields, and oil sludge from oil fields is classified as HW08 level hazardous waste by the national environmental protection agency. Treating oil sludge is an important task of oil field environmental protection. Based on the analysis of the production and characteristics of oilfield sludge, the environmental pollution problem can be solved by five oilfield sludge treatment methods. At present, 5 oil sludge treatment methods have been widely and effectively applied in oil fields at home and abroad: 1) hot washing + centrifugal dehydration + thermal analysis 2) tempering + centrifugal dehydration 3) organic solvent extraction 4) biological treatment 5) incineration.
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