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KOSUN Green Uranium Exploration Drilling Fluid Processing Equipment will be sent

Jul 16, 2020

With the progress of China's society, people have come to realize the importance of ecological environment. In the development process, the use of uranium geological resources is inevitable. Carrying out uranium geological exploration is an inevitable social problem. The impact of traditional geological exploration work on the environment is particularly great. The present social situation in China requires that geological damage should be minimized in geological survey. KOSUN Green Uranium Exploration Drilling Fluid Processing Equipment can actually solve the useless solid phase in drilling fluid during uranium exploration and drilling construction, improve drilling efficiency, solve the problem of drilling fluid discharge, and realize the comprehensive implementation of green uranium exploration.
Uranium Exploration Drilling Fluid Processing Equipment
KOSUN Green Uranium Exploration Drilling Fluid Processing Equipment  consists of fluid collecting tank buried in underground , the surface of the drilling fluid collecting tank equipped with 1# pump, pump out of the pipe connection desander, below the desander includes Screening tank, on the tank contains 2# pump, 2# pump pumping pipe to except desand and desilt machine,and there is a desand and desilt tank in below. The desand and desilt tank can install a three-way valve and 3# pump ,The pump hose is connected to the drilling fluid distribution tank, which instaled mud agitators, drilling fluid tank can through a hose connected with drilling rig mud pump.
KOSUN Green Uranium Exploration Drilling Fluid Processing method includes the following steps: first, the drilling fluid used in drilling flows out of the well head, passes through the screen on the mud collector box, enters the mud collector box through primary filtration, is pumped through 1# pump to the desander for primary solid control treatment, the cuttings pass through the screen into the waste residue collector box, and the drilling fluid is collected in the screen tank; Then, the drilling fluid in the screening tank is pumped to the desander and desilter through2# pump for secondary solid control treatment. The light weight drilling fluid flows directly into the mud preparation tank. The heavy drilling fluid is screened and collected in the desilter and the sediment is collected in the waste sludge collection box 2. Finally, the drilling fluid is pumped to the drilling fluid mixing tank for performance maintenance and slurry mixing by the 3# pump. Finally, the drilling fluid is pumped to the borehole for circulation by the mud pump. The green environmental protection drilling fluid processing equipment with small volume, high performance, easy to move, high degree of intelligence.
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