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An Indian Customer Purchasing KOSUN Shaker Screens in Large Batches Again

Sep 27, 2016

Recently, KOSUN receives an order of more than 400 shaker screens placed by an Indian customer who once purchased over 500 pieces of KOSUN shaker screens at a time. During the practical application process, the customer thought highly of various performances and superhigh price-performance ratio of KOSUN shaker screens, which helped to bring about this cooperation.

KOSUN shaker screens serve customers at home and abroad and can replace the screens of a certain world-famous solids control brand shale shaker, featuring in sophisticated manufacturing technologies, accurate processing precision, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, long service life, etc.
Shale shaker is a kind of solids control equipment frequently used in oil and gas drilling sites. The model selection and quality of shaker screen are of great importance to the handling capacity and treatment effect of shale shakers. KOSUN technical team goes deep into drilling sites, studies compositions and properties of various mud, establishes and consummates mud information database in different regions, and provides scientific reference foundation that helps customers in selecting shaker screens accordingly.