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KOSUN Black Rhino Shale Shaker Shipped to Iran Project Site

Apr 06, 2022

Yesterday, a batch of black rhino shale shaker equipment produced by KOSUN was successfully sent to Iran. The customer is an internationally renowned oil service company, which mainly provides various services such as drilling rig matching, drilling equipment maintenance, drilling stimulation plan for oil and gas fields, etc. , This time the customer purchased a batch of black rhino shale shaker, which is used for supporting the solid control system of the 3000-meter drilling rig in Iran.
black rhino shale shaker
"Black Rhino Series" is the high-end solid control equipment brand that KOSUN has promoted in recent years. It adopts the strong G-force explosion-proof motor deeply customized for KOSUN by MARTIN, which is more suitable for foreign operating environments. Compared with the conventional shale shaker, both the service life and the processing efficiency have been greatly improved. Especially in the case of large processing capacity, the strong excitation force output by the linear shale shaker can quickly remove a large amount of solid phase through the efficient linear vibration trajectory. It can effectively remove larger particles in drilling fluid.
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