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KOSUN MD300 Vertical Desanders Sent to the River Water Sand Removal Project Site

Apr 19, 2022

Recently, a batch of MD300 vertical desanders produced by KOSUN have been successfully delivered to Nigeria, Africa, and will be used in local river dredging projects to separate mud, sand and water in the river.
MD300 vertical desanders
The MD series desander is a customized product. We have customized 3 cyclones according to the needs of customers. In the process of sand removal in river water, the solid phase particles with a particle diameter of 40-100μm in the material can be separated, and the sediment is initially screened and cleaned, and then the next step is processed, which better meets the customer's small site operation site, high sand content of materials, and large processing capacity requirements. This product can customize the material of the cyclone according to the properties of the customer's on-site materials. The customized materials include: high-chromium cast iron, polyurethane, wear-resistant rubber, wear-resistant ceramics, stainless steel, etc.
KOSUN MD300 Vertical Desander is mainly used in river water, well water sand removal, coal washing water, industrial beneficiation, river dredging, sewage treatment and other fields. It can achieve sand removal, turbidity reduction, solid-liquid separation and other effects. It is compact, economical, and has the characteristics of high sand removal efficiency, saving installation space, simple operation and stable working condition. If you are interested in our desander products, please contact us Immediately.