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KOSUN Solids Control Equipment Facilitating Oil Development in the South China Sea

Oct 30, 2015

Recently, good news comes from KOSUN Marketing Center that KOSUN has won the bid for dedicated drilling fluid centrifuge used at offshore platform of a CNOOC subsidiary by virtue of its excellent product performance and perfect after-sales service system. Three DC355-VFD centrifuges (LW355×1257N-VFD) will be delivered to CNOOC Enping Oilfields, servicing at Enping-231 and Enping-181 offshore drilling platforms.
Decanter centrifuge
Debugging for Main Engine of DC355 High Speed
VFD Centrifuge (LW355×1257N-VFD)
It is worth mentioning that length-diameter ratio of the bowl for this bid-winning DC355 high speed VFD centrifuge is 355×1257 and the maximum speed is up to 3800rpm. This model has been enjoying popularity among major drilling companies and oilfield service companies after its launch on the market in 2013. It is particularly suitable for drilling waste management and has yielded extraordinary results on domestic market of drilling waste zero discharge. As core equipment for drilling fluid recovery and solids treatment and discharge, this centrifuge has excellently completed each solids control and drilling waste management task.
Decanter centrifuge
These three DC355-VFD high speed decanter centrifuges winning the bid are equipped with dedicated CCS certified motors. Both anticorrosion and painting on equipment surface meet use standards of offshore drilling platform. Electrical appliances of well-known German brand are adopted for electrical control unit. The bowl adopts hard alloy empiecement process, which is stronger and more wear resistant compared with inferior ceramic empiecement technology, especially meeting remanufacturing standards for refurbishment and reinforcement of screw conveyor separately (which is impossible for ceramic empiecement). It is these advanced process and manufacturing standards that make KOSUN stand out among numerous competitors.
Cooperation between KOSUN and CNOOC can be traced back to the year of 2007, when KOSUN provided two drilling fluid centrifuges for COSL for its PEMEX project, and since then, KOSUN has been unceasingly delivering centrifuges to offshore drilling platforms of COSL. Moreover, KOSUN centrifuges have also serviced at offshore drilling platforms in North Africa, South America and other regions and won praise from customers at home and abroad.