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Indian Customers Favor KOSUN-made Products

Nov 03, 2015

On October 24, 540 pieces of shaker screens ordered by an Indian customer were inspected and packed into containers in KOSUN factory in Jingwei Industrial Park in Xi’an. These screens are to be transported to the site of the customer through land-ocean transportation.
Shale shaker is a kind of solids control equipment most commonly used in oil and gas drilling sites. Model selection and quality of shaker screens are of vital importance for handling capacity and treatment effect of shale shaker. KOSUN technical team goes deep into the drilling sites to investigate compositions and properties of various drilling mud, establishes and consummates mud information database in different regions, providing scientific references for helping customers select shaker screens according to their local conditions.
KOSUN is always pursuing such a goal as “appropriate increase of service life with controllable cost” at technology and manufacturing links of screens. KOSUN team keeps improving structure design, material selection, structural welding, wire cloth laying, fluid dispensing, inspection and some other links of shaker screens. Repeatedly field-proved KOSUN shaker screens have stable performances and more 3~5 days than like products in service life under normal operating conditions.