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KOSUN dual-track shaker was successfully delivered to overseas customer project sites

Dec 04, 2022

In November 2022, KOSUN's dual-track shakers were successfully sold to overseas project sites. KOSUN double track shakers has two kinds of linear and progressive ellipse running track, linear running track vibration intensity, material conveying speed and large processing capacity. The progressive elliptical trajectory has the advantages of high drilling fluid recovery, drier solid phase, long screen life and not easy to clog. The equipment is simple to operate, only through the switch knob can easily realize the conversion of two running tracks, in order to adapt to the requirements of different working conditions on site.
KOSUN dual-track shaker
The custom galvanized shakers on the double track vibrating screen above has better anti-corrosion effect, novel and beautiful appearance, suitable for long-term operation in coastal areas. The whole machine adopts special hot-dip galvanizing process, the bonding degree between the galvanizing layer and the equipment is better, the thickness of the galvanizing layer is moderate and not easy to fall off, the internal and corner galvanizing area is closely bonded, suitable for long-term corrosive gas working environment.
KOSUN is a professional company in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, providing solid-liquid separation products and comprehensive solid waste treatment solutions, specializing in oil and gas drilling mud treatment, drilling waste treatment, oily sludge treatment, engineering construction sludge treatment, shield residue treatment, coal bed methane mud treatment and other system solutions. KOSUN has an experienced R&D team, which can provide 24-hour online technical support and equipment consultation for overseas equipment and systems.