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The composition and function of KOSUN DD30 dual centrifuge solid control system

Dec 04, 2022

Recently, KOSUN has completed the final assembly and commissioning of a DD30 dual centrifuge solid control system for the customer, which will be sent to the Turkmenistan project site. This is the fourth system designed and produced by KOSUN for the customer after the joint demonstration with the customer in 2018. The system can meet the requirements of barite recovery, solid liquid separation and treatment of drilling fluid, and barite secondary mixing.
KOSUN DD30 dual centrifuge solid control system
This DD30 dual centrifuge solid control system is composed of centrifugal separation equipment, slurry equipment, slurry mixing system, solid phase conveying system, electrical system and so on. Thanks to the clever design of several important processes, the setting of core parameters of high speed and medium speed variable frequency centrifuge, and the selection of high-quality components, the whole system has good practicability and durability. Successfully replace the international first-line brand to become the preferred product for customers.
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