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KOSUN receiving orders and production normally

Mar 17, 2020

As the professional manufacturer for solids control, drilling waste management equipment and system since 1992, with API, CE and ISO certified, KOSUN has more than 100 employees, since the "COVID-19" spread, we cancelled party and travel plans, delayed work, and kept an eye on the progress of the epidemic。
With the approval of relevant departments, under the premise of ensuring the safety and control of health and epidemic prevention, KOSUN started construction in three batches starting from February 28. Considering the epidemic situation before the start of work, various measures were taken to ensure the health and safety of employees: arrange all employees for nucleic acid testing; disinfect the office twice a day; employees must wear masks to work, and can only enter the company after the doorman has taken a temperature measurement; prohibition Fever patients enter, and external personnel, such as handling and transporting goods, must wear masks and take temperature measurements before they are released.

Only one week after the start of work, all work has returned to normal, and the ordered goods have been produced normally, and many new inquiries and intention orders have been received. After the holiday break, every employee re-entered the work with full enthusiasm and worked hard to overcome the adverse effects brought by the epidemic. the time of Spring blossoms, the starting point of the struggle.

                                            Daily disinfection and sterilization of office, canteen and dormitory

      The production workshop is disinfected and sterilized daily, the assembly workshop starts in an orderly manner, and the
                                                        production tasks are completed with safety and quantity.

                                                       Office staff are basically on duty, wearing masks to work