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KOSUN SJ20 drilling waste treatment system successfully sent to Russia

Sep 27, 2019

Recently, a set of KOSUN drilling waste treatment system has been completed and successfully sent to a project site in Russia.

This system is a drilling waste treatment system integrating machines and electrical control. The system mainly consists of skid-mounted tank, KOSUN VC-800 cuttings dryer, centrifuge, screw pump, mud agitator and electrical control system. After the drilling waste is treated by the dryer, the solids are discharged, and the liquid mud enters the skid-mounted tank. Then, the screw pump suctions the mud from the tank to the centrifuge. After the centrifuge treatment, the solids are discharged and the liquid mud directly outflows for recycling, which benefits from the design characteristics of several important processes in the system that can treat the mud by stages and can also mix the mud.

The KOSUN VC-800 cuttings dryer in this system is a continuous screen-type centrifuge, which can automatically control the feeding for solid-liquid separation. The cuttings dryer is used to recover liquid-phase drilling fluid from cuttings. By applying a high centrifugal acceleration force to the cuttings, the dryer improves the effect of separating the liquid from cuttings. By further purification, the expensive liquid phase in the active mud system can be retrieved, and both the waste volume at the rig site and its treatment cost are reduced. This system can recover the lost mud and return it to the active mud system. For diesel-based, mineral oil-based and synthetic oil-based mud, this recovery system works well and yields a remarkable effect.

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