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The second batch of solid control system supporting equipment of CCK project has been successfully delivered

Dec 17, 2018

Recently, the second batch of low-temperature mud solid control system supporting equipment of the Russian CCK project was successfully delivered.This batch of equipment is mainly the mud tank and sand pump supporting the low-temperature mud solid control system. There are a total of seven tanks, including shale shaker tank, integrated machine processing tank, centrifuge processing tank, mud storage tank and so on.

The drilling mud tank produced by KOSUN is an indispensable part of the mud circulation system. Its function is to carry the mud from the wellhead to the mud pump, separate the solid particles in the mud through the corresponding grade-wise separation and solid control equipment on the tank, and allocate the mud through the mud weight mixing system, so as to achieve the drilling process requirements. Drilling mud tank material selection is international material, strong and durable; The base of the mud tank is made of skid-type structure, which is easy to be dragged and installed on site. The design of the heating and heat preservation system can satisfy the using demand of the extremely cold area - 60 ℃. Many kinds of mud splash prevention design, effective protection of environmental pollution and other characteristics.
The quality assurance and good industry reputation of KOSUN products have been unanimously praised by Russian CCK customers. At the same time, we will continue to provide follow-up supporting equipment for the Russian CCK project with professional quality and service to assist ilkusk petroleum company in drilling services.