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KOSUN struggled to sprint the annual production target

Dec 17, 2018

In order to ensure that the annual large single-Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) two sets of 3000HP drilling rigs Supporting project can be delivered on time, KOSUN all workers worked overtime.

The order of two sets of 3000HP(9000m) oil drilling rigs supporting equipment commissioned by KOSUN not only includes a complete set of mud solid control system, but also covers electronic control system, fire fighting equipment, desert sunshade device, etc., all supporting equipment is designed and manufactured in accordance with the highest international standards.

According to customer requirements, the product design standards in strict accordance with the Kuwait national oil company standards and the American petroleum institute API drilling technology standards, system layout is scientific and reasonable, manifold valve in mud system are made according to American standard, electrical control system components adopt the French Schneider Electric (Schneider) brand products, electrical plug in the United States Amphenol (Amphenol) brand products. KOSUN will complete the installation at the scene of the Kuwait and accept customer acceptance.
In recent years, while adjusting and improving its own structure and product system, KOSUN has also vigorously developed the international market, constantly pushed Chinese manufacturing overseas, gradually entered new overseas markets, and constantly feeding the advanced concepts and technologies of foreign countries back to China. The year 2018 is coming to an end. KOSUN will work with many partners to complete the annual production plan. In 2019, we are well prepared to meet greater opportunities and challenges.