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The function of solid control equipment in drilling operations

Dec 04, 2018

As the world's energy consumption increases year by year, energy demand becomes more and more tense, and oil and gas exploration and development efforts in various countries are also increasing. The positive function of solid control equipment in drilling operations is becoming more and more obvious.

drilling mud solid control equipment
The drilling mud solid control equipment is used to treat and recover the drilling fluid (mud) that will return to the ground from the wellhead. The main function of the solid control system is to control the solid phase content in the drilling fluid, which is to effectively separate large particles of drill cuttings, barite and other large solid particles from the mud returning to the ground from the wellhead, and the treated drilling fluid (mud) ) can be reused. To achieve the purpose of reducing drilling costs and protecting the environment.
The main equipment of the drilling fluid solid control system are: drilling fluid shale shaker, vacuum deaerator, mud cleaner (desander, desilter), drilling fluid centrifuge and sand pump, etc. The increase in solid phase content in the drilling fluid during the drilling process will significantly reduce the rate of penetration of the machine, and may even lead to drilling accidents, resulting in a significant increase in drilling costs. Practice has proved that for every 1% reduction in the solid phase content of the drilling, the drilling speed can be increased by at least 10%. The particle size is also one of the important factors affecting the drilling rate. It has been found that the smaller the particle size, the greater the impact on mechanical drilling.