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KOSUN Service Co., Ltd. ( Kazakhstan ) Wins GWDC 2000HP Solids Control System Contract

Mar 01, 2012

Before the 20th anniversary of Xi'an KOSUN Machinery Co., Ltd., KOSUN signed the contract on 2 sets 2000HP solids control system package with Great Wall Drilling Company ( GWDC ).      

The beneficiary of this contract is Sino-Kazakh GWDC ( ТОО "Казахстанско-китайская буровая компания Великая стена" ), located in 43A Meltaglough Street, Aktobe, Kazakhstan, is the biggest drilling company in Mid- Asian area and the overseas technical service company of Great Wall Drilling Company ( CNPC GWDC ). Sino-Kazakh GWDC is a joint venture invested by GWDC and CNPC-International Aktobe Petroleum Corp, which has an annual production value of 15 million US$, 30 sets drilling/ workover rigs and 3250 staff.       

Sino-Kazakh GWDC is a comprehensive drilling company which focuses on drilling engineering contract, drilling fluid technology, cementing, directional drilling, fishing, drilling tools maintenance, rig relocation & installation and other drilling services onsite. The main operation site is located in Zhananuoer, 265 kilometers away from its headquarter in Aktobe and owns the company front command center which consists of one front conduct base and 3 project teams.   
KOSUN Service Company(Kazakhstan)Won GWDC 2000HP Solids Control System Contract
Since the establishment of KOSUN Service Co., Ltd. ( Kazakhstan ), KOSUN has been the only solids control service supplier for Sino-Kazakh GWDC and Batys-Munai LLP from the year of 2009. KOSUN has a service base and two warehouses in Zhananuoer and can provide comprehensive solids control equipment maintenance and spare parts supply service to our clients for 24 hours.  
At the same time, the solids control factory completed on 7th, April in 2012, which made it more convenient for KOSUN to supply services for our clients from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kirgizstan, Russia, Ukraine with zero tax solids control equipment, tanks, camp fabricating and maintenance.  
All the solids control system components are manufactured by KOSUN for these 2 sets of 2000HP Drilling Rig, including mud tanks, shale shakers, mud cleaners, centrifuges, centrifugal pumps, mud agitators, desanders, desilters, sand-proof sheds, etc.  
The investment of these 2 sets 2000HP Drilling Rig Solids Control Systems in the solids control factory in Kazakhstan will be another achievement for KOSUN in its Mid-Asian drilling equipment market. KOSUN is and will always be the fully reliable solids control service provider for Russian and Middle Asian regions!