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KOSUN Solids Control Factory ( Kazakhstan ) Completion

Apr 09, 2012

KOSUN's solids control factory in Kazakhstan was built and put to operation on 7th April, 2012. This factory is located in MTS TRAKTOR CO., LTD., 312 Infantry Division District, Aktobe, Kazakhstan.

The successful completion of KOSUN factory in Kazakhstan indicates another achievement in KOSUN international brand marketing, marking the unique advantage of direct service for Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kirgizstan, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Iran and other oil& gas production countries. 
KOSUN Solids Control Factory (Kazakhstan) Completion
Compared with other solids control manufacturers, KOSUN has gained the neighbour initiative by this factory establishment in Aktobe City. Owing to the tax alliance agreement between five Mid-Asian countries and Russia, Ukraine, the delivery time and cost will be dramatically reduced from customers' payment on the solids control system which is a significant component in the whole drilling rig.
KOSUN's drilling rig assembly factory in Aktobe, Kazakhstan can supply main rigs, mud pumps, generator units, compressor units, MCC units, camp units, diesel and water tanks as well as manufacturing, maintenance and assembly of drilling fluid solids control system for oil & gas companies and oilfield drilling contractors in Mid-Asian, Mid Eastern and Russian countries. At the same time, KOSUN Oil Service Co., Ltd ( Kazakhstan ), a professional oilfield service supplier of KOSUN branch company, can provide drilling fluids package services including mud material, shaker screen, solids control equipment, drilling fluids waste management, etc.