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Application Status of Mud Treatment Equipment

Jun 14, 2019

In many regions of China, lots of construction piling mud, sand washing mud, drilling mud and mine tailings mud need dewatering treatment. However, the traditional natural sedimentation method is inefficient and the treatment effect is too poor to meet the production needs.
Now, mud is often dewatered by mechanical equipment. The major mud treatment equipment on the market includes centrifuge, filter press and energy-efficient solid-liquid separator. As the requirements for mud treatment are becoming higher and higher, the frame filter is gradually replaced by other mud dewatering equipment due to its open treatment environment that easily causes secondary pollution.
The composition and working principle of energy-efficient solid-liquid separator are as follows:

The main feature of the energy-efficient solid-liquid separator is that the mud concentration and dewatering are completed in the same equipment, and the process mainly consists of three links: sedimentation, extrusion and drying. The three links are respectively completed by intelligent concentration tank, screw extrusion conveyor and centrifugal dryer to achieve the purpose of deep dewatering treatment. Its advantages are: large capacity, low energy consumption, continuous work, unattended operation, small footprint and so on.
At present, the energy-efficient solid-liquid separator has been widely applied in construction mud dewatering, tailings mud dewatering and sand washing mud dewatering, and is fully recognized by customers, such as CREC engineering companies.