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Application of KOSUN Slurry Treatment Equipment in Pile Foundation Construction

Jun 11, 2019

In the pile foundation project of urban construction, the slurry plays an important role in protecting the well wall, but the treatment of excess slurry has always been a problem that plagues the project construction. The current treatment method is to transport the on-site slurry to the wasteland in the suburbs with a tank truck and let it dry naturally, which is out-dated and causes many problems.
Pile foundation technology is the cutting-edge trenchless technology. As one of the main systems in slurry piling (pile foundation), the slurry treatment system directly affects the construction progress and quality. One of the outstanding problems in the application of this technology is the treatment and reasonable utilization of slurry.

The cast-in-place pile construction is divided into two parts: the hole and the pile. Therefore, the detection of the pile foundation falls into two divisions: the hole quality inspection and the pile quality inspection. The hole forming is the first link in the construction of the cast-in-place pile. Because the hole-forming operation is done underground and underwater, the quality control is rather difficult. Complex geological conditions or errors in construction may cause problems such as hole collapse, hole shrinkage, pile hole deflection and excessive sediment. The pile quality inspection consists of bearing capacity detection and integrity detection. When forming the hole, the rotary drilling requires slurry to lubricate and carry drilling cuttings. The slurry separation system produced by Xi'an KOSUN Machinery Co., Ltd. can complete the solid-liquid separation of slurry in pile foundation construction, which can meet various working conditions. With a small footprint, the system is convenient for transportation and has a good treatment effect.