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Relationship between shale gas development and drilling solids control equipment

May 27, 2019

In recent years, with the continuous development and utilization of oil and natural gas, the reserve, development and service life of domestic and foreign oil and gas energy sources become very worrying. Countries are working hard to save energy and reduce emissions and develop new energy sources. Among them, the exploration, development and utilization of shale gas as a new energy source are constantly put on the agenda.
The shale gas has such advantages as long exploitation life and long production cycle. Most of the gas-producing shale has a wide distribution range and large thickness, and generally contains gas, which makes the shale gas well stably yields gas for a long time. However, the shale gas reservoir has low permeability and is difficult to exploit. As the world's energy consumption continues to rise, energy sources, including shale gas, are getting more and more attention. Commercial development of shale gas has been realized in countries such as the United States and Canada.
The exploitation pattern of shale gas is basically similar to that of oil, natural gas and coalbed methane. It is also a process of exploration, drilling, collection and utilization. The shale gas drilling also needs solids control equipment and auxiliary equipment (shale shaker, vacuum degasser, desander, desilter and centrifuge, as well as mud tank, centrifugal pump, mud agitator, etc.) for five-stage purification and recycling of mud.