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Sludge disposal industry breaking into countdown

Jul 01, 2019

From the additions of sewage treatment → no need of treatment, direct landfilling to the concomitant of sewage treatment → needing harmless and resource disposal, the secondary pollution of sludge gradually attracts the attention of the environmental protection industry. Moreover, due to the large amount of stock, the market for the sludge treatment has been rising in recent years.
Although there are also many voices pointing out that the “deficiency fire” in the sludge treatment market is too vigorous, it cannot be denied that the background of policy support is favorable to industrial development, and we must also carefully review the technological changes that bring a noticeable driving force in accelerating the sludge treatment industry on track.

At present, the technical process for sludge disposal is spreading everywhere, and it is especially important for how to improve the disposal efficiency as much as possible, and meet the disposal needs under the requirements of harmlessness and resource utilization.
With the upgrading of the sewage treatment plant, the following methods have been derived from sludge disposal: coupled waste incineration, co-treatment of cement kiln, and participation in soil remediation. The technical process has broken through the bottleneck, and the market scale is already on the eve of the outburst.
The conversion from "deficiency fire" to practical countermeasures represents the general trend. The speedy entry of capital will bring more challenges. How to seize the opportunity and preemptively occupy the highland still needs technology-oriented enterprises to make a forward-looking layout.