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Large Batch Shaker Screens Reordered by an Indian Customer Ready for Shipment

Nov 04, 2015

Recently, KOSUN screens of LS584 shale shaker for an Indian customer have been manufactured and are under quality inspection and encasement, waiting for shipment.
Since the customer ordered KOSUN LS584 shale shakers in November 2014, it has been the fourth time for the customer to purchase large batch accessories from KOSUN. Based on the customer’s feedback about his using previously purchased equipment and his requirement on OEM of accessories, KOSUN proactively made preparations for production and reasonably arranged work shifts during the National Day in order to deliver these shaker screens with guaranteed quality and in a timely manner. A few days ago, these screens had been completed within the period scheduled by the customer, and they are to be transported to the Port of Qingdao for shipment.