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KOSUN KD-250 skid-mounted integrated environmental sludge separation system will be applied in a micro tunneling construction project in Poland.

Aug 21, 2019

Today, KOSUN has completed the production and commissioning of a set of KD-250 skid-mounted integrated environmental sludge separation system, and is about to send it to Poland for a micro tunneling construction project.
KOSUN KD-250 skid-mounted integrated environmental sludge separation system adopts modular structure design. This system mainly consists of shake shaker, hydrocyclone, tapered tank, feed module. Mud enters the screening system from feed module and is processed step by step by the coarse screen, hydrocyclone, fine screen, and the excavated materials, such as sand, stone and the like, carried in the mud can be effectively separated, and larger solid particles in the tail slurry can be separated, thus reducing the solid content of the mud. Mud treated by this system can enter the next-stage treatment equipment such as centrifuge or filter press.

The shale shaker of this system is a double-deck linear shaker of LS-608 series, mainly consisting of screen box assembly, shaft base, handwheel lifting device, regulating beam assembly, locking device, etc. LS-608 is a linear vibration machine. It is equipped with two vibrating motors and has the feature of adjusting the screen frame angle. When LS-608 is running, the screen frame angle can be adjusted between -1°~+5°. Thanks to the innovation of structural design, LS-608 can efficiently separate solid particles from mud. The vibration motors are fixed onto the screen frame and positioned on the screen bed by a high-strength support beam. Using this method to locate the vibration motor can directly apply the G-force on the sieve plate. The vibration isolation device can protect the base frame from the vibration of the screen frame.
KOSUN has accumulated rich experience in the R&D of environmental sludge treatment equipment. There are quite a number of field application cases at home and abroad. Please feel free to contact us for further information about KOSUN environmental sludge treatment equipment.