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KOSUN ZJ15 drilling rig solids control systems successfully sent to Ukraine

Aug 12, 2019

Recently, two sets of ZJ15 solids control systems produced by KOSUN were successfully delivered to the project site in Ukraine.

A few days ago, KOSUN invited Ukrainian customers to visit the factory to check the production process and job schedule. The customers highly praised the professional products of KOSUN.

The ZJ15 drilling rig solids control system produced by KOSUN is a mud treatment system integrating mechanical and electrical control. The system can treat the drilling mud by stages, and mix, degas, weight and stir the drilling mud, and also can replenish mud for the wellhead. These two sets of systems ordered by the Ukrainian customers consist of mud tanks, mud mixing tanks, rotary cranes and solids control equipment. The whole systems contain shale shakers and vacuum degassers, mud mixing and weighting systems, mud make-up systems, electrical control systems, lighting systems, etc. The surface coating of the system is durable, which can ensure that the system can be applied in environments with high wear and corrosion.

The ZJ15 drilling rig solids control system has several important characteristic design processes, which can treat the drilling mud by stages; meanwhile, it can also weight, mix and stir the mud. The pill tank and pipeline can provide mud materials for the system; the mixing system can mix the mud; the trip tank and its pipeline can replenish mud for the wellhead; the mud gun pipeline and the stirring system can fully stir and mix the mud in the mud tank; the clean water pipeline can supply water source to prepare mud and wash the tank surface.

The ZJ15 drilling rig solids control system adopts multi-functional design, which makes it meet the various requirements of different mud systems, and where each system and process can work independently or simultaneously.