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Common Faults and Solutions of KOSUN Shale Shaker

May 13, 2019

In operation, various factors may cause different faults in the shale shaker. Now, we briefly introduce the causes of various faults and their solutions:

1. The material flow on the shale shaker is abnormal. First, the rigidity of the screen box may be insufficient, there is a critical frequency, and the connecting bolts have been loosened. Thus fasten the bolts. Second, the horizontal level of the screen box is not accurately calibrated. So, change the springs or change the support sizes. And it is also possible that the screen is damaged, thus replace the damaged screen.
2. The screening effect is poor. The most possible reason is improper operation. The mesh may be blocked, the fine particles in material increase and the moisture increases, so that the material layer on the screen is too thick, and the feeding is uneven. It is possible that the two sides of the screen are not tightly pulled. If the shaft is eccentrically vibrated, the belt may be too loose. When the above mechanical problems are solved, perform the reverse rotation for a period of time to improve the screening quality.

3. If the noise of the shale shaker is too loud, it may be the bearing damage, loose bolts, broken beam and spring damage. For this, the bolts can be tightened, and under the other three conditions, the parts need to be replaced.