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KOSUN KD Series slurry treatment system applied to pile foundation construction of a high-rise hotel in Xi'an Hi-tech Zone

Jul 29, 2019

In recent years, the slurry treatment equipment produced by KOSUN has won the favor of domestic and foreign customers with its competitive quality and price advantage. Two sets of KD series slurry treatment systems customized by a customer in Xi'an have been successfully completed and will be sent to the construction site in Xi'an Hi-tech Zone this week, which can achieve reduced discharge and resource utilization of sludge generated during the pile foundation construction in high-rise buildings.

KOSUN KD series slurry treatment system is a mud purification machine developed for construction engineering, bridge pile foundation engineering, underground tunnel shield engineering and trenchless projects. It meets the requirements of anti-circulation mud wall protection and hole-forming process requirements. The system mainly consists of shale shaker, desander, gravel pump and electrical control system, which is used to support the pile foundation rotary drilling rig, with a capacity up to 500m3/h.

During the drilling process, as the drilling cuttings continuously enter into the mud, the specific gravity, viscosity and sand content of the mud will change. The polluted mud cannot meet the requirements on mud performance. It must be treated or purified, mainly for solid-liquid separation. The drilled cuttings in the mud will be separated and discharged, and the purified mud will be recycled. The KD system is suitable to purify mud in the slurry balance shield, underground diaphragm wall and pile foundation construction. The system can control the mud performance, enhance the borehole quality and work efficiency, fully support and ensure the safe and smooth operation of pile foundation rotary drilling rig, and improve the recycling and utilization of the mud, which not only saves construction costs, but also reduces mud discharge and environmental pollution. So, it is a kind of essential equipment for economical, efficient and environment-friendly construction.

KOSUN professional team constantly sums up the experience and technologies of environmental treatment of construction engineering muck and slurry, abidingly optimizes equipment structure and enhances product performance. KOSUN slurry environmental treatment equipment has been widely used in many countries, and is highly recognized by the users.